Demands for e-content for the specializations in Distance Learning Conference

Riyadh – Hasnah Al-Qarni

    Dr. Safaa Kandil Assistant Professor in Qassim University demanded based on the International Conference on e-learning and distance Learning to provide electronic content to the attendances and said to Al"Riyadh" We hope we can attend especially academies interested in education that we can get the e-content from an electronic repository for different specialties ,and most importantly Computer Science,  also hope to provide Arabic language instruction repository. Stressing that the two previous e-learning and distance learning conferences, were not allowing the interested attendance specially who's interested particularly in mutual practice and performance between universities specially e-content objects in Arabic and English and applying the electronic translation techniques. Came on the sidelines of the Third International Conference of e-learning and distance Learning, which organized by the National Centre for e-learning and distance Learning under the slogan "From practice to performance" which started last Tuesday and participated in the first day a group of elite educators, researchers and experts from several countries in the world. Also said Qandil that The Third Conference specifically chose to be titled "from practice to performance " So we hope who sponsors the Conference to activate the display of contemporary applications techniques of e-learning and not only offer theories and opinions related. While Fatima Mohaimeed a lecturer at the University of Shaqra expressed her resentment against the lack of time as some worksheets were displayed in ten minutes and very briefly that does not help attendance, especially those who came to benefit. And I wondered about the purpose of her conference  presence if not help in the research worksheets and support her dissertation research. While Mrs. Manar Khamash a sign language interpreter praised participants at the conference that their worksheets topics were about deaf like "the faith and educational specifications paper to design educational content for students with deaf disabilities in the e-learning field " from Professor Muhammad Abdalmqsod Hamid and the paper "Using  virtual embodiment to establish courses that allow deaf children to access and reach Professor Osama Ghoul "  And She emphasized that the number of special needs people of deaf were too large as it is not limited to one slice of them but varying attendance from university graduates and employees to housewives as well as a number of employees of the Saudi Society of Hearing. Worth mentioning that the Third International Conference on E-Learning and Learning began its activities in 12 sessions, 30 research were discussed in over 8 hours,  and presentations were transferred on the site of the National Center for e-learning and distance education.