18 training courses organized by the National Center

Over the next 18 months The National Center for e-learning and distance learning is organizing a specialized training course offered by a number of trained professionals in the fields of e-learning and distance learning from inside and outside the Kingdom.

        And the director of the National Center for e-learning and distance learning and an adviser at the Ministry of Higher Education Dr. Abdullah Almegren, illustrates that the training courses totaling 18 training courses, of which 7 courses for men, and 11 courses for women, provided from experts in the field of e-learning and distance learning to benefit from their experiences and discuss ways to develop education and improve its performance.

     Dr. Almogren noted that evolution witnessed e-learning in the Kingdom requires to make more effort to keep up with the development of education, pointing out that the aim of organizing courses is to contribute to a culture of e-learning and distance education in the community, calling on everyone to register and book their seats, through the website www.elc.edu.sa.

      The courses will focus on the use of web technologies 2.0 (web 2.0) in e-learning, and design an interactive course using (Course Lab) as well as the course of cloud computing in education, and building tools questions and tests, and building electronic tests, as well as design podcast tutorial, along with activities in the e-learning process, and smart phone applications in e-learning.