National Center for e-Learning

Noble Mission and Clear Vision

National Center for e-Learning is responsible for implementing education, information and communication technologies to improve the efficiency of the educational and training process in all its forms and control its quality. The National Center for e-Learning has its financial and administrative independence and is organizationally linked to the Minister of Education and based in Riyadh.

Our Objectives

The National Center for e-Learning aims to control the quality of e-Learning by:

1.    Setting regulations and quality standards of e-Learning.

2.    Control the quality of e-Learning programs.

3.    Grant licenses for companies and governmental entities of e-learning programs to provide accredited certificates.

4.    Qualifying for the licenses granted to the entities and companies providing e-learning programs.

5.    Supervision of the Open Educational Resources program OER.

6.    Conducting research and studies in the field of e-learning.

7.    Provide consultancy services in e-Learning.

8.    Organizing conferences, meetings and workshops.

9.    Represent Saudi Arabia abroad in the field of e-Learning.