E-learning Implementation in Seven KSA Universities

 The Minister of Higher Education Launches Implementation of e-learning in Seven Universities

His Excellency, the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Khalid Mohammad Al-Angary will sign Thursday 12/3/1429 AH memorandums of understanding to support applications of e-learning and distance learning in seven universities: Al Bahah University, Taibah University, Qassim University, Ha'il University, Taif University, Umm Al-Qura University and Islamic University.


As soon as the implementation of these memorandums of understanding, the seven universities will be involved in "Tajseer" initiative for e-learning adopted by Ministry of Higher Education through the National Center for e-learning and Distance Learning. Thus, eight universities will implement the initiative. It is worth to mention that King Saud University signed similar memorandum of understanding with the Ministry in the beginning of this year.


The memorandums of understanding revolve on partnership between universities and National Center for e-learning and Distance Learning. Under the memorandums of understanding, the National Center will provide technical and consultative support which enable universities to use e-learning pattern, facilitate the transition to this type of education and lay basic rules for full environment of its applications such as using "Jusur" which  facilitate e-learning administration process. Also, through training human cadres technically in universities and qualify them to use the system.  

The centre is the consultative body to the Ministry of Higher Education in this field. It works to achieve these goals through its facilities, experts, national trained cadres and the infrastructure which is being developed and updated.

When these memorandums of understanding are signed and "Tajseer" initiative and its requirements are activated, the higher education in Saudi Arabia will witness a unique leap and will take a large step forward.


It is worth to mention that "Tajseer" initiative is like an umbrella of the strategic objectives for the National Center for e-learning and Distance Learning. The strategic objectives are many programs and projects included strengthening technical knowledge in the Saudi society, creating models of applications as well as technical solutions.